003 | ENGLISH version | The butterfly meets the lion

A sound journey through the life of Beethoven, in which his most famous compositions take on a leading role and communicate with genius.

A Tierrallana School production

Written by: Nuria Montes Serrano

With the voices of:
Pilar Alonso Simancas,
Paula Caro Cordero,
Elena Gómez Llanes,
Sofia Liu,
Martina López Martín,
Lola Macias Román,
Irene Peña de Ocón,
Jimena Pérez de los Reyes
and Irene Poyatos Álvarez

Tiza Stories is a Qwerty Podcast project for Attendis.

Sound editing, Nacho Garcia
Live recording, Alejandro Gómez
Production, Emma Russo
General coordination, Blanca Feria
Executive producer, Ricardo Domine