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Jules Verne embarks on a balloon trip from London along with some of the best known characters from his fantastic novels, heading for the Strait of Gibraltar.

A production of Puertoblanco School

Written by Leticia Diosdado.

Coordination: Ana Felgueroso, Olga Acebedo and Leticia Diosdado

With de voices of:
Lola Collado
Sofía Claros
Eva Jiménez
Helena Serrano
Irene Cotorruelo
Blanca López Valentín
Xinni Wu
and Inmaculada García

Tiza Stories is a Qwerty podcast project for Attendis.

Sound Edition, Oscar Gómez
Live recording, Alejandro Gómez
Production, Emma Russo
General coordination, Blanca Feria
Executive producer, Ricardo Domine