015 | ENGLISH version | The light of the poor

In this episode, the Grazalema School students take us to Calcutta in 1960 to meet the brothers Elika and Ranjit, two very poor children who have to look for shelter and food every day, until they meet Mother Teresa.

A production of Grazalema School

With the voices of
Dakota De Kong
María Teresa Fernández
Sonia Rodríguez
Gloria Palomino
Pilar Sánchez -Pece
Belén Muñoz
and Cayetana Mollá

Coordinatio: Carmen Moreno

Tiza Stories is a Qwerty Podcast project for Attendis.

Sound editing, Nacho Garcia
Live recording, Alejandro Gómez
Production, Emma Russo
General coordination, Blanca Feria
Executive producer, Ricardo Domine